Old Peter’s Russian Tales – approx 30 minute musicals

Coming SOON!

8 Musical Plays of approx 15 minutes duration each

Age range 7-11 yrs

Each story has several named characters and opportunities for participation by large numbers of performers

Available to perform as standalone performances

May also be combined into full length productions

MP3 backing tracks, Piano Conductor Score, 4-piece band arrangements available

Stories told by Grandfather Peter to Maroosia and Vanya in a log cabin lying deep in a woodland in Russia. It is the middle of Winter and freezing cold. A series of enchanting stories to help pass the long dark evenings …

  • SADKO – a young dulcimer player who journeys to find his true-love, Volkhov, and discovers the anger of Caspian, the god of the sea. Will Sadko find her?
  • FROST – a tale of Martha who was kind to Frost, and of Alisa and Anya, two ugly sisters who weren’t. Who will receive gifts of furs and jewels?
  • BABA YAGA’S HUT – A wicked stepfather sends Anastasia to fetch a needle and thread from his sister, the scary witch Baba Yaga. How will Anastasia escape from the witch?
  • THE GOLDEN FIREBIRD – Alexei finds a rare golden feather from the Firebird. His Horse of Power warns him to leave it alone but Alexei takes it as a gift for the Tzar. Not satisfied with single feather, the Tzar sets Alexei on an adventure that ultimately leads to the death.
  • THE STOLEN TURNIPS – Just wait until we find out who stole the turnips! A magic tablecloth, a goat that coughs gold coins, a whistle-pipe that whips its player? Will there be a happy ending?
  • SALT – A precious gift that adds taste to food. Worth a fortune, as well as creating jealousy and plotting. Ivan and his two brothers clash over who will marry Princess Lyubov. So how does a Giant get involved in this adventure?
  • THE GOLDEN FISH – A tale of never being satisfied and always wanting more – from having a poor hut of earth and stones to a grand palace with servants and power. But unhappiness might be closer than you think.
  • THE FLYING SHIP – Join me friend, on my travels in the Flying Ship. A drinker, a strider, a woodman and an eater and others help solve impossible tasks set by the Tzar to win the hand of his daughter in marriage. Will there be a happy ending?