Contact me if you want to perform any of these musicals. Synopsis, script extract and music extracts can be downloaded from individual pages on this website. Will appeal to all from age 7 upwards.

  • Stuff And Nonsense Suite
    • The Musical
    • At Christmas
    • The Complete Collection
  • The Selfish Giant
  • The Moon’s Revenge
  • The Wolves Of Willoughby Chase
  • The Hobbit
  • Danny, The Champion Of The World
  • Old Petrov’s Slavic Tales

Stuff And Nonsense Suite – Inspired by the nonsense of Edward Lear

A celebration of the nonsense writings of Edward Lear– writer, poet, illustrator, musician and traveller. Author of favourite stories and nonsense-poems for young people, including The Owl and the Pussycat,  The Dong With A Luminous Nose, The Jumblies and The Quangle Wangle’s Hat.

Meet the Jumblies – dancing, tumbling characters from Lear’s furtive imagination. Cheerful, smiley, usually-happy, they ferment in Lear’s head, ready for ‘another nonsensing’ so they can burst into life. A world of fun and ditzyness! 

‘Stuff And Nonsense The Musical’ explores Lear’s sometimes-troublesome events with his tumbly Jumblies who sing their nonsense stories to illustrate key moments in the narrative.

In Lear’s ‘squirly-whirly’ world we meet his housekeeper – Old Foss (a talking cat), and his physician, Dr Calico who is Hootie Owl in disguise – the plot thickens. In Lear’s imagination we have The Dong and his beloved Jewelly Jumbly,  King and Queen Pelican with their shy daughter Dell and her beau – King Crane who, sssh!, has no webs between his toes. Come and meet Jolly Pobble (who has no toes!), ‘hard-of-hearing ‘Aunt Jobiska and the ‘groovy’ Quangle Wangle Quee. All of whom perform with a Jumblies whose ‘heads are green and hands are blue’.

The Selfish Giant – Inspired by the much-loved short story by Oscar Wilde

Meet Selfie, the Selfish Giant. He has no friends, because he is selfish. He has a beautiful garden, but won’t share it with anyone. Because he is selfish. He won’t let the children play in his garden, because he is selfish. He thinks he is happy, but there’s no happiness and laughter in his life. Because he is selfish.

Meet the children, full of laughter and happiness. Playing. exploring, and learning from the world and from each other. They discover Selfie’s wonderful garden and are delighted to play freely and joyously, ranging widely over the flowerbeds. Sometimes too freely!

Then we have human-eating, fearsome-looking Giants seeking assistance with their tribulations but receiving no help from fellow-giant Selfie. Come, meet the fantastic Winter Characters who transform the garden into a cold Winter wilderness.

Selfie returns from seven years of travelling and frightens the children. He ‘builds a wall to keep out all’ from the garden. What are the children learning from this? Will they too become selfish? Will Selfie ever see the need to change behaviour?

The Selfish Giant  – A Musical’ explores these themes in an emotional and entertaining way, through memorable characters and tuneful dance music. A delightful musical suitable for the whole family.

The Wolves Of Willoughby Chase – Based on the thrilling story by Joan Aiken

Exploring the themes of friendship, treachery, sadness and triumph, ‘The Wolves Of Willoughby Chase’ is an roller-coaster adventure. Involving howling wolves, adventurous train journeys, an evil governess and …. all the ingredients required for an engaging tale full of twists and turns. Set in a time long ago when wolves roamed the lands freely, it is centred around the lives of two girls, Bonnie and Sylvia who, with the help of a goose-herder named Simon, bring justice to an endeavour full of conspiracy and danger. The engaging songs help propel the story forwards with memorable tunes. ‘The Wolves Of Willoughby Chase’ is an crowd-pleasing entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

The Hobbit – Inspired by the epic novel by J.R.R.Tolkien

Who doesn’t love a fantasy adventure, with an unexpected hero, a wizard, goodies and baddies, dragons and treasure? These are just some of the ingredients of this musical which has catchy songs and plenty of scope for dance and creative staging. Based on Tolkien’s exciting story this is a terrific opportunity for performers and backstage teams to produce something magical and memorable for audiences of all ages. ‘The Hobbit – A Musical’ is an engaging and, at times, frightening quest for our hero – Bilbo Baggins – who steps out of his comfort zone into the challenges of finding treasure with the Dwarves. A happy ending is assured but there’s sadness and excitement on the way to pull audiences through many emotions. ‘The Hobbit – A Musical’ pares back the sometimes-complex world of Tolkien into an adventure with flexible staging and cast numbers for Youth Theatres and schools of varying sizes and ages.

The Moon’s Revenge – Inspired by Joan Aiken’s picture book of the same name

Silly child! Dreaming of becoming a great fiddle-player like your Grandfather. No time for that when you’re an apprentice coach-maker. Silly child! Frightened by the whispers coming from the grandfather clock.  It’s all in your head, Seppy. Silly child! Throwing your shoes at the Moon. What were you thinking? And then you were surprised when the Moon got angry! Such dreadful consequences. For you , many years of going barefoot until you’d found your shoes again. For your sister, who was born unable to speak. For your family as they faced the frightening Sea Dragon.  Silly child! About time you grew up and became a man!

Set in a quaint seaport in times past, ‘The Moon’s Revenge – A Musical’  tells the journey of Seppy and his sister and his love of music. A coming-of-age tale that captures the innocence and foolishness of childhood which lead to unexpected consequences. With many characters including the dreadful Moon, Prince Of Night, and a hungry Sea-Dragon, this musical has all the ingredients for a heart-warming tale of family, love and growing into adulthood. Full of tuneful and dramatic music and plentiful opportunities for dancing, ‘The Moon’s Revenge – A Musical’ is sure to bring a smile and nudge a few tears from audiences of all ages.

Danny, The Champion Of The World – Inspired by Roald Dahl’s book of the same name

A musical in 2 Acts, ‘Danny, The Champion Of The World’ is about the special bond between a Father and Son. It’s about the ‘Haves’ and ‘Have-nots’.  And it’s about getting the better of someone who deserves to be taken down a peg or two. Based on the much-loved book by Roald Dahl, it covers many themes including love, fear, loss, friendship and justice. Its engaging songs and comical scenes with reconnaisance-pheasants and Snooty Toffs provide a memorable and engaging theatrical experience for the whole family.

Old Petro’s Slavic Tales – Inspired by Arthur Ransome’s folk stories

A set of 8 mini-musicals which can be variously combined to create original performances. Tales of adventure, chases, quests, discovery and plotting can be mixed to create magical and visually splendid entertainment for all the whole family. Full of catchy Slavic folk tunes, the pace never lets up.