Works In Progress

Always Something More For Me To Do!‘ – as Mariya sings in ‘The Story Of Frost‘ … and as I say with the feast of ideas fermenting for future Earworm Musicals. Generally speaking these are being developed as 1 Act or shorter mini-musicals.

How about …?

Another series of (9?) 20 minute Mini-Musicals with Linking Scenes based on ‘Animal Creation’ stories. Working Title ‘On The Eighth Day‘.

A 1 Act musical which explores our role in Climate Change through the songs of different animal species. Animal communites devasted by Man’s thoughtless actions. Working Title ‘Fire And Flood – It’s Our World Too!

Another 1 Act musical using generic story characters (Giant, Dragon and Fairy) to help find an effective twist and ending to several unfinished stories which are carried around in ‘Will’s Bag Of Tales‘.

A 1 Act musical ‘Stuff And NonsenseThe Contest‘ – a sequel including more nonsense songs and limericks from Edward Lear and another ‘Writer of Nonsense’ who become embroiled in an unhappy competitive tussle.

Have you ideas for musicals that you’d like to collaborate on? Drop me an email to start the conversation.