Oh! What A Night!

Excitement, anticipation. Nervous energy, tummy-wobblings. Dry mouth, cold hands. Audience arrives, plenty of smiles. Applause and great concentration. A super evening, heroic performances recorded for posterity. Will anything come of it? A wonderful team of tumbly Jumblies bringing the nonsense of Edward Lear to life. Fabulous. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, here’s toContinue reading “Oh! What A Night!”

Tickets Available Now

‘Stuff And Nonsense –The Musical’ A brand new musical presented by The Runcible Players for local and national charities. For one night only … The Runcible Players are delighted to present ‘Stuff And Nonsense – The Musical‘ at The Cossham Hall, Thornbury on October 13th at 7.30pm. This madcap reading-performance tells the exuberant tale ofContinue reading “Tickets Available Now”

Whoo! Hoo! Our First Read/Sing-Through

A mental and physical health workout better than any therapist or fitness regime can provide. Our first read/sing-through with the performers and music. Such talent in the room, so much enthusiasm, laughter, silliness and some pretty dreadful behaviour from the Jumblies! No wonder poor Mr Lear looks so bewildered. Stuff And Nonsense. We don’t mindContinue reading “Whoo! Hoo! Our First Read/Sing-Through”

Heart, Warmth, Humour and Emotion … that’ll be the Jumblies, then!

Adam Elms writes our first review of the script for ‘Stuff And Nonsense – The Musical’. ‘It reads beautifully. It’s feeling tight, funny, poignant, and interesting. Loving the Lear character showing shades of worrying but then resolving that we all do – and hinting that sometimes an overactive imagination isn’t a negative thing. Also enjoyingContinue reading “Heart, Warmth, Humour and Emotion … that’ll be the Jumblies, then!”

It’s A ‘Happenin’ Thing, Man!

Quangle Wangle here, man, it’s a ‘happenin’ thing, man. Diary October 13th 2019, Cossham Hall, Thornbury for the first outing of my show, ‘Stuff and Nonsense – The Musical’ … Mr Lear here, excuse me! It’s not your show, if it belongs to anyone, it’s probably little old meesy! A bit of a grumpbucket sometimes,Continue reading “It’s A ‘Happenin’ Thing, Man!”

‘Thankyou!’ say the Jumblies

The Jumblies wanted to say a special thankyou to Kay, Rich, James, Dave, Helen, Nat, Alice and Adam for bringing their characters to life. Thankyou! ‘Stuff And Nonsense – The Musical‘ is now completed, published and available for performance. Email earwormmusicals@gmail.com for more information. Script and Audio Extracts are available at earwormmusicals.uk ‘Far and few,Continue reading “‘Thankyou!’ say the Jumblies”

Disney Meets League Of Gentlemen

What fun we had at our workshop … 3 hours of laughter and improvisation. And then even more laughter, mingled with a touch of pathos. Well done guys. A big thanks to our wonderful actors – Kay, Rich, James, Dave, Helen, Nat, Alice, Adam. Fantastic to hear the words on paper be delivered with suchContinue reading “Disney Meets League Of Gentlemen”

Totally ‘Bonkers!’

Well thanks a lot for that comment! Really, thanks a lot!!! Actually that’s just the sort of response we love to receive about our show. The more bonkers, odd, madcap and crazy the better. Our workshopping session has been arranged for January 30th and we’ve a fantastic group of musician/performers lined up and fully preparedContinue reading “Totally ‘Bonkers!’”

Stuff And Nonsense ‘On Tour’ Is Born

A thrilling few weeks of rewriting, rebalancing, replacing and revising has resulted in a plan to progress ‘Stuff and Nonsense On Tour’  That’s the 1% imagination, now for the 99% perspiration! This version will require only 7 performers to take on the 16+ characters. The majority of the original songs are to remain with onlyContinue reading “Stuff And Nonsense ‘On Tour’ Is Born”

Our Musical Adventures Begin

Hello there, adventurous musical-theatre-goer! Edward Lear here, author of ‘The Complete Works Of Edward Lear’. I am truly delighted that my nonsense writings are being given a fresh twist as a lively musical for all the family. Yes, even the dog might have a good ‘woof’ of delight, and I’d expect at least a gentleContinue reading “Our Musical Adventures Begin”