Whoo! Hoo! Our First Read/Sing-Through

A mental and physical health workout better than any therapist or fitness regime can provide. Our first read/sing-through with the performers and music. Such talent in the room, so much enthusiasm, laughter, silliness and some pretty dreadful behaviour from the Jumblies! No wonder poor Mr Lear looks so bewildered. Stuff And Nonsense.

We don’t mind if you think we’re just a touch mad. We know we are – after all ‘We’re tumbly Jumblies from over the seas …’

Have you booked your seats yet for the very first outing for ‘Stuff And Nonsense – The Musical’? If not, why not? October 13th at the Cossham Hall, Thornbury. All proceeds to nursing, cancer and hospice charities.

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