Heart, Warmth, Humour and Emotion … that’ll be the Jumblies, then!

Adam Elms writes our first review of the script for ‘Stuff And Nonsense – The Musical’.

‘It reads beautifully. It’s feeling tight, funny, poignant, and interesting. Loving the Lear character showing shades of worrying but then resolving that we all do – and hinting that sometimes an overactive imagination isn’t a negative thing. Also enjoying the songs and the characters are coming across very strongly indeed. 

Action always takes longer than you think and the slicker the better really. It could just be a line here or there – anywhere where there is too much repetition/padding.

I can’t really point out specifics right now because, as I say, it’s in excellent shape. It feels like a script that means a lot to you; it has heart, warmth, humour, and emotion. I can’t wait to see its first outing in October.’

Reviewed by Adam Elms
Actor, Playwright, and Director
Founder Member: Unforced Errors.
Associate Artist: Blueprint Theatre Company, Schoolhouse Productions

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