It’s A ‘Happenin’ Thing, Man!

Quangle Wangle here, man, it’s a ‘happenin’ thing, man. Diary October 13th 2019, Cossham Hall, Thornbury for the first outing of my show, ‘Stuff and Nonsense – The Musical’

Mr Lear: OMG! It is a ”happening thing!’

Mr Lear here, excuse me! It’s not your show, if it belongs to anyone, it’s probably little old meesy! A bit of a grumpbucket sometimes, but mostly pretty harmless. You’re only one of my characters – an important one, man. (Hee, hee) – but nevertheless, only one of the many who are delighted to be putting on this entertainment in which everyone has important funlings and storytelling to add to my story … Dr Calico, the Dong, Julie Jumbly, Jolly Pobble, Aunt Jobiska, Yonghy Bonghy Bo, Lady Jingly and … Quangle Wangle to name but a few, phew!

What a cast of characters … played by an amazing team of performers … Kate, Nat, Adam, Helen and Dave. Do you really know what you’ve let yourselves in for?

Dearie, dearie meezies, I’m just so excited, I could … wait and see … stuff and nonsense really doesn’t describe it adequately. You’ll just have to come and experience it for yourselves. I look forward to meeting you!

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